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Fun with Radio


Overhauled Vintage Radio's for Sale.

All original and sold as working. Click on the sale link in the page heading above.

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All drawings and photographs open in new pages. Please turn your pop-up stopper off.
Vintage Electronic Components
A Vintage Radio Shop Vinrage Radio Workshop
Just starting or a seasoned Radio/Electronics Constructor, lots of vintage articles with circuits, to build Radios (Valve,Transistor or Crystal). TRF or Superhet plus amplifiers,sound effects and Military/Communication Radios look in the Radio Constructor,Crystal Sets or Military Radio Links.

Into Vintage Radio Restoration look at sets currently being worked on My Workshop or in my collection Valve or Transistor Radios.
For information on Valves,Germanium Transistors and Coils etc try the Component Data link above.
For Vintage magazine covers and advertisments go to the Magazine link.
Need a bit of Valve Theory or help in getting started, try the Getting Started Link.
A comprehensive links section covering Component Suppliers,Collections,Vintage Radio Data etc will be found here Links.

I hope you find what you are looking for in this site.And if you have any photos or articles/circuits that could be used on the site please let me know.

A Lucky find an original Resistor colour code calculator and Practical Wireless trimming tools .

Henry's Radio Resistance Colour Code Calculator Practical Wireless Gift Trimming Tools Practical Wireless Trimming Tools

An original writer of Radio Constructor Magazine articles has recently resurfaced and put some original work onto his own website. Vintage Radios of Arman.

Can you help!.

Remember when you used to dig around in the old Radio Magazines to find circuits to build. Well this site is built for you. Each Link will lead you on a voyage of discovery. The site is currently being updated and has a number of radios for sale and some original salvaged components.

     All images and articles from Radio Constructors Magazine are acknowledged as being © Data Publications Ltd.

Repanco DRX 1. Crystal set coil
Ever Ready Advert from the 1930's Sinclair Micromatic a kit of the mid 1960's Teen advert from the early 1960's for Record Players
A recent development a chassis for the one valve HAC type receiver. The chassis takes either Octal or B7G valveholders. .

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