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The Mullard 5 10 Amplifier

PCB Version of the 5 10 Amplifier (minus valves) The Mullard 5 10 Pre-Amplifier

In the early 1950's Mullard produced a number of amplifier designs to promote their valves.
This is the original constructors project from Practical Wireless Magazine in 1954.Using EF86, ECC83, 2 X EL84 and EZ80 valves.
This amplifier is still being built today and a search on the internet reveals a number of kits being sold or suppliers of the transformers.
It was the companion of the Mullard 3 3 amplifier.Interest from some of the Audio forums was noticed when the Mullard 3 3 was first posted on this site proving that you cannot keep a good design to yourself. Many companies copied the amplifier design and some still do. Mullard also designed for the constructor a 5 20 amplifier and some preamplifiers. Hopefully I will be able to post these later. The next amplifiers to be offered for your perusal will be GEC amplifiers again from the 1950's, these had some mighty large outputs and formed the basis for many guitar amplifiers.
With thanks to Rolf for the above pictures of a later PCB version and the dedicated pre-amp.

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