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A Guitar Amplifier using 6L6 and 6V6 Valves

From 1959 Radio Constructor Magazine this 4 valve Guitar amplifier. Using 6J7 valves as pre-amplifiers and a 6V6 (or 6L6) valve as the output. All components are readily availiable today and the 6V6 is still in production as indeed are the transformers.
No constructional details are given in the article (this was the case in magazines of the period for about 15% of their content) and was targeted at the more experienced constructor.
Also this was the period when the guitar was in fashion and large numbers of young electric guitar players were attracted by players such as The Shadows and Duane Eddy.

Andy Cowley has sent this note about the amp circuit.
The 6V6 guitar amp additional circuit for feedback around the 6L6 is wrong. There is no DC path from the grid to ground and it will rise to DC anode voltage - death to the valve. The .5 uF mica should be between the anode circuit and the 90k resistor IMHO. 15/04/2006
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