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A Reverb Unit for Electric Guitar

The industry standard for years, the Type 4 reverb tank’s four counter wound and coupled springs deliver superior mechanical performance, and the classic sound that helped make Hammond Organs and Fender Reverb amps famous. Specifications for this Type 4 tank are 1,475-ohm input, 2,250-ohm output, long delay, grounded input, grounded output connectors, and horizontal open side mounting. It measures 16-¾” long and 4-3/8” wide.
I have managed to get this unit from the US unused and original.

Type 4 Reverb Unit The 3 images show the complete reverb tank unit.
The springs Input and Output connectors

This board is a prototype transistor driver for the type 4 tank. As can be seen from the photograph is is not yet completed, the pre-amplifer (far left transistor) for the input signal is still being wired. The circuit consists of three transistors (2N3904) which act as amplifiers for either the output of the tank coil or as drivers to the low Power Op amp (LM386) which is the driver for the tank coil.
Eventually this circuit will be converted to an all valve unit.
More to come.
Prototype Transistor Driver


Last updated 13.2.2005

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