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Data on Vintage Denco coils used by the Radio Constructor.

Denco Coils

Denco Coil Advertisment
Denco Green Coils

From the 1950's to the 1980's Denco coils were used by large numbers of radio constructors,kit manufacturers and others. Now no longer being manufactured they are mainly found at vintage/ham radio meetings and on EBay. These are some of the actual data sheets issued by the manufacturer.

Coil Ranges. The ranges were designated by a different number from 1 to 5. And as will be seen the range number was applied to all coils from the Aerial (Blue Coil) to the Yellow,Green,Red and White coils. The circuits show which colour was ment to go in which position. There were of course differences between the valve coils and ones for transistor circuits. But all is explained in the text.

The coils most in demand today are the Green shortwave coils for shortwave TRF receivers.
Most of the Denco coils appear for sale on Ebay throughout the year so if you need coils it is worth putting a standing search on Ebay.
Other pages on this site giving further information on coils are here Constructor Coil Information.

Denco DTB 4 Technical Bulletin
The complete Denco DTB 4 Technical Bulletin

Denco Coil Ranges
Denco Minature Dual Purpose Coils

Denco Coils for Valve Circuits
Denco Transistor Coils. Page 1

Denco Coils for Transistor Circuits Page 1
Denco Transistor Coils. Page 2

Denco Coils for Transistor Circuits Page 2
Denco Crystal Coil. PCC 1

Denco Coil for Crystal Receivers
Denco TRF Coil

Denco Coil for TRF Radio Circuits
Denco RF Chokes

Denco Radio Frequency Chokes (RFC)
Denco Maxi Q Coils Octal Plug in

Denco Maxi Q Coils
Denco Neosid Formers

Denco Neosid Formers
Denco Poly Formers

Denco Polyformers

For an article on making your own Denco Coils. Use this Link.


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