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Data on Vintage Denco Coil Packs, IF Transformers and Coil Turrets used by the Radio Constructor.

From the 1950's to the 1980's Denco Coilpacks,IF Transformers and Coil Turrets were used by large numbers of radio constructors,kit manufacturers and others. Now no longer being manufactured they are mainly found at vintage/ham radio meetings and on EBay. These are some of the actual data sheets issued by the manufacturer.

Denco Coilpacks

Denco CP3/370pF & CP3/500pF
Denco Coilpack CP4l & CP4M
Denco Coilpack CP3F
Suggested Circuit for CP3F
Denco Coilpacks CP4/MG & CP4/LG
Denco Coilpack CP3G

Denco IF Transformers

Denco IF Transformer IFT6 Denco IF Transformer IFT11
Denco IF Transformer IF12

Denco Coil Turrets

Denco Coil Turret Type CT6 Denco Coil Turret Type CT7
Chassis for CT6 and CT7


Last updated 3.7.2004

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