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The Repanco SH4 Superhet

Repanco Superhet

In the 1950's Repanco a coil manufacturer released a pair of coils called type SH4. As part of the marketing effort they issued a circuit for a 2 waveband superhet using 6K8,6K7,6Q7 and a 6V6 valve with the HT derived from a metal rectifier. The IF coils and O/P transformer were also Repanco products. Data for the coils is availiable here: Coil Data.
A short while ago Ron Bryan contacted me to say he had an original copy of the circuit and would I like it. So thanks to Ron we now have one of the original circuits to post on the site. Note the drawing was slightly to large for my scanner so I have done it in two parts with plenty of overlap.

Repanco SH4. Sheet 1 circuit Repanco SH4. Sheet 2 Circuit


Last updated 7.9.2005

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