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Transistor Data

The data is availiable as individual pages and there are 60 to 90 transistors to a page. Direct equivalents are also shown
In order to make searching easier the first and last transistor on each page is shown in the boxes below. All pages will open in a new window. Due to the quality of the copy you should save the page using 'Save Target As' into your machine to read the data.The complete list will be uploaded as soon as possible.

2CY17 to 2N17 2N28 to 2N97A 2N235B to 2N301 2N301A to 2N349 2N350 to 2N404A 2N405 to 2N464
2N522A to 2N582 2N583 to 2N644 2N645 to 2N707 2N707A to 2N757A 2N758 to 2N829 2N834 to 2N922
2N923 to 2N994 2N995 to 2N1039/1 2N1149 to 2N1208 2N1208/1 to 2N1374 2N1375 to 2N1536
2N1537 to 2N1669 2N2220A to 2N2553 2N2554 to 2N2891 2N2894 to 2N3109 2N3110 to 2N3390 2N3391 to 2N3553
2N3563 to 2N3714 2N3715 to 2N3883 2N3900 to 2N4121 2N4122to 2N5356 2N4357 to 2N4957 2N5143 to 2N5320
2N5321 to 2N5493 2N5494 to 2N5842 2N5825 to 2N5945 2N5496 to 2N6064 2N6065 to 2N6224 2N6225 to 2N6324
2N6325 to 2N6488 2N6489 to 2SA15H 2SA16 to 2SA92 2SA93 to 2SA168A 2SA169 to 2SA242 2SA243 to 2SA322
2SA323 to 2SA396 2SA397 to 2SA473/R 2SA473/ to 2SA509/T 2SA510 to 2SA570 2SA717 to 2SB127 2SB66 to 2SB127
2SB128 to 2SB194 2SB195 to 2SB254 2SB255 to 2SB331H 2SB539 to 2SC74 2SC208 to 2SC285 2SC285A to 2SC361
2SC473 to 2SC504/D 2SC504/G to 2SC544 2SC545 to 2SC618 2SC619 to 2SC694 2SC695 to 2SC749


Last updated 22.2.2005

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