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Valveholder Chart

The chart above shows the pin numbering for common valveholders such as B7G,B9A and OCTAL etc. Together with some not so common types. It will open in a new window for printing.
Mullard Pocket Data 1958

DK DF DAF and DL 91,92,94 and 96 Series Valve Data for Portable Radios


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DAF96 DF96 DK96 DL96

Equivalent Types.

91/92/94 Series Valves

Pinout is exactly the same as the 96 series. The heater current is higher at 50ma as are some of the valve parameters.

DAF91(Single Diode AF Pentode): ZD17 1FD9 1S5 CV784

DF91 (IF Pentode): W17 1F3 1T4

DK91(Heptode Frequency Changer): X17 1C1 1F3 1R5 CV782

DL91 (Output Pentode): 1S4

DAF92(Single Diode AF Pentode):1U5

DF92 (IF Pentode): IF2 1L4 CV2742 114

DK92(Heptode Frequency Changer): X20 1AC6 1C2 CV5172

DL92 (Output Pentode): CV820 1P10 N17 CV484

DL94 (Output Pentode) 1P11 N19

96 Series Valves

DAF96 (Single Diode AF Pentode): ZD25 1AH5 1FD1 CV9024

DF96 (IF Pentode): W25 1AJ4 1F1 CV9025

DK96 (Heptode Frequency Changer): X25 1AB6 1C3 CV9026

DL96 (Output Pentode): N25 1P1 3C4

Valve Data (Short Version)

Key: Fil V=Filament Voltage. Fil A=Filament Current Ma.Anode V=Anode Voltage,Anode A=Anode Current Ma,Screen V=Screen Voltage,Screen A=Screen Current Ma. (Note all are design parameter Maximums)

Valve Fil V Fil A Anode V Anode A Screen V Screen A
DAF91 1.4v 50ma 90v 2.7ma 90v 0.63ma
DAF96 1.4v 25ma 67.5v 0.17ma 67.5v 0.055ma
DF92 1.4v 50ma 90v 3.7ma 67.5 1.4ma
DF96 1.4v 25ma 85v 1.65ma 64v 0.55ma
DK91 1.4v 50ma 90v 0.8ma 45 1.9ma
DK92 1.4v 50ma 85v 0.7ma 60 0.15ma
DK96 1.4v 25ma 85v 0.6ma 68v 0.14ma
DL92 1.4v 100ma 90v 7.4ma 67.5v 1.4ma
DL94 1.4v 100ma 90v 9.5ma 90v 2.1ma
DL96 1.4v 50ma 85v 5ma 85v 0.9ma

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