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Data on Wearite coils used by the Radio Constructor.

Wearite Coils

Wearite coils were used by large numbers of radio constructors and these data sheets give the coil details and circuits using these coils. These are some of the actual data sheets issued by the manufacturer.
The pictures of the coils are ones I picked up for 90p at an auction in early 2004.
The last page is a rewrite of the first it was kindly provided by Roger Charlton.

Wearite Coils Type P
Wearite IF Transformers
Wearite Coilpacks Series 600
Wearite Circuit No1
Wearite Circuit No2
Wearite Type P Coils

Rewritten Wearite Data
An error has been spotted in the write up. The former diameters should be 5/8ths inch and not 3/4 inch as stated.

Wearite 80 Metre coils.

80 metre Coils


Last updated 29.1.2008

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