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capri Six Transistor Radio Kit

The Capri 6 Transistor Portable Radio Kit from 1962

From the December 1962 issue of Radio Constructor.
This is a 6 Transistor Portable Kit that was advertised for sale by Henry's Radio Ltd.
The early 1960's saw the release of many transistor radio kits and was a peak time for the hobby. It was priced at 5.19.6 (Five pounds, Nineteen shillings and Six pence).
The six transistors were OC44M OC45M OC45M OC81DM OC81M OC81M plus an OA90 Diode.

Capri. Page 1 Capri. Circuit Diagram Capri. Page 3
Capri. Page 4
Capri. Page 5
Capri. Page 6
Capri. Page 7 Capri. Page 8

A note from Nicholas Swindale (Canada).

I was given the 'Capri' 6-transistor radio kit as a Christmas gift in 1964 (I was 13 years old) and it is hard to describe how exciting that was. It was treat to see it again, and the construction manual.


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