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Globe King 100A. 1 Valve Radio Kit

An original Globe King 100A 1 valve receiver. The valve is an HL23. This kit Dave made up quite a few years ago and it has stayed with him. Notice that the box label says it was supplied by Johnsons of Worcester who also supplied the 2 metre transistor kit listed in the kit radio index.
Many thanks to Dave Wheeler for the following information.

Globe King

Globe King Leaflet from Home Radio
Build Instructions 1 and 2 Build Instructions 3 and 4 Build Instructions 5 and 6
Dave mentions that all the components in the kit came mounted on cards which said what the component did eg Grid Resistor etc. Component values were not given but Dave has provided the following information based on his set. Resistors: Grid 33k +/- 20%. Filament 20R +/-5%.Anode 1.15k. Aerial Capacitor 3pf Mica. Grid not known (Suggest 100pf). Bandspread 10pf. Bandsetter and Reaction not known (suggest 150pf).The valve is of course an HL23 (The HAC DX used the HL23DD). For the coil we could possibly use a Denco Green type with an Octal base as an alternative to the Globe King coils.
Globe King. Original Box Globe King. Box Top Chassis Top View
Globe King Below Chassis Wiring Chassis Rear
Daves Globe King Coils

From Globe King a set of 3 shortwave coils in their original box. Note the price of 17/6d which is less than 1 in todays money or about 1.5 Euros.
With many thanks to Alan for these pictures.

Globe King Coils
Coil No1
Box Label
Coil Pins

Nearly a year after the above section was added to the site I found a writeup in the September 1960 issue of Radio Constructor for the Kit.
What follows is the original article.

100A Page 1 100A. Page 2 100A. Page 3
100A. Page 4 100A. Page 5
100A. Page 6 100A. Page 7. Circuit diagram

John (G4JGG)has kindly sent these pictures of his copy of the 100A receiver. John's Globeking 100A John's Globeking 100A. Front View
John's 100A. Under Chassis view

During 2007 is was sent a complete Globe King with two coils and as happens within a month I had acquired a box of three coils at a society meet.
Globe King Globe King with box of coils Globe King
Globe King with coil box open Globe King Under chassis


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