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HAC DX. 1 Valve Radio Kit

The HAC DX 1 Valve Receiver. The valve is an HL23DD. Tim (of Isoplethics) kindly supplied the Build and Operating instructions. The set shown is one that I have just acquired. It has gained a couple of metal strips on the top of the chassis and a tag strip on the underside of the chassis.

HAC DX Receiver. Unrestored

HAC DX. Instructions Cover Page
HAC DX. Circuit
HAC DX. Instructions Page 1
HAC DX. Instructions Page 2 HAC DX. Chassis Rear HAC DX. Under chassis 1.
HAC DX. Under Chassis 2

The HAC with the chassis top cleaned up and the surplus metalwork removed.
Note the Brown type F headphones. Which were availiable from HAC but had to be ordered in addition to the kit.
HAC DX Refurbished
The original wiring prevented the set ever working so all the wiring has been remade and the tag board removed. None of the HAC receivers had tagboards.The two ceramic 3K resistors are in place of the 6K ohm resistor used to allow a 3 volt battery to be used to supply the 2 volt valve heater.
The radio works well with an 80 volt dc supply but the selectivity falls off at lower HT voltages.
HAC DX Under Chassis

HAC Tuning Scale Replica
HAC. Paper Tuning Scale Replica

Martin Yirrell has sent the following note: I had a HAC single valve receiver. It was the source of a great deal of fun although I had a nasty habit of blowing the filament when plugging in the battery. The valves were in the region of 15 shillings each, a lot of money in those days. Unless I am very much mistaken my radio did have a tag strip and looked very much like the one shown above.

HAC DX. Modified 2 Valve Radio Kit

Ron Pearce of Norfolk (UK) has kindly supplied details of recent DX model he acquired together with 3 Denco coils.The chassis of which also had an extra hole for a valveholder cut into the chassis. This appears to have been an unissued AF amplifier varient of the HAC.
Ron used another HL23 valve as the second one, coupled to the first valve via a 100pf capacitor.
As Ron says this increased the volume somewhat and enabled him to use Walkman type headphones.One picture shows the receiver with a Denco coil fitted while another shows one of Ron's homemade coils in place.
HAC DX Receiver HAC Receiver, Chassis HAC. Homemade Coil
2 Valve HAC Circuit

John (G4JGG)has kindly sent these pictures of his HAC model DX.
Also at the bottom of the page are pictures of the HAC model K he recently built.
HAC DX and Denco coils HAC DX. Front Panel
HAC DX. Under chassis view HAC DX. Rear Chassis View

John's HAC model K. HAC model K HAC model K. Under chassis


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