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HAC Model T. Twin Transistor Receiver

The HAC model 'T' 2 Transistor Receiver. These are the original notes from an HAC Model T receiver. The chassis for the T is the same dimensions as for a K (shown below) etc but only one socket on top for the Denco Coils. These are still the Green Range but the transistor type not the Octal.
With thanks to Dick Lowe for these pages.

HAC  Chassis

HAC  T HAC T Circuit HAC T Notes

HAC T Page 4 Notes
Transformer Modification Calibration Chart

HAC Tuning Scale Replica
HAC. Paper Tuning Scale Replica

HAC replica Chassis. This drawing was produced by Tim who ran a company in Norfolk specialising in reviving long out of production components Coils,RF Chokes etc.
Unfortunately Tim became ill late in 2006 and he closed his firm down after many years serving the amature.This chassis drawing was done for me by Tim who also supplied the chassis shown above.
Elsewhere on the site is another chassis drawn by Tim for a design by Practical Wireless in the 1960's.
HAC Experimental Chassis Drawing


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