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Superregenerative 2 Metre Constructors Kit SR2/P

From Johnsons of Worcester (Globe King). This version dates from 1967 when the original valve model was replaced by this 2 transistor version.
This one must have been purchased soon after the change as the box lid (shown below) indicated the box contains the valve kit but is stamped as the Transistor version.
The transistors are OC170 and OC71.And the kit is complete including the aerial.
After clearing some dry joints the set works but is very noisey and difficult to set up.
A bit more work is required to find out why.
Tony (See below) has pointed out that the value of the reaction pot is not given, it is 1M Log.Also I have found an extra 0.1uf capacitor on my board which is not in the circuit. I will update this page as soon as I have investigated why it is there.
If you had one of these or the valve version and have pictures or comments on the set please email them to me.

The box lid

The sales leaflet
View from the front View from the top The circuit
Instructions Page 1
Instructions Page 2
Instructions Page 3
A note from Tony. My kit was a birthday present bought for me around Nov 1967. I was 11 at the time. It give very good performance for a 2 transistor set the only down side was a tendency for it to re-radiate signals over a distance of several hundred yards. A local ham got a visit from a local taxi firm run by gangsters waving a gun at his head for causing interference. The gangsters got sent to prison his and the rig and their radios were checked by the GPO and found to be O.K Some years later I was told a super Regen was re-radiating his signals. With the addition of a change over switch I changed mine into a two metre transceiver. I was told the later versions were modified to improve performance. I am now building a reproduction of this kit from your web site info.


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