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Jason Kit. JTV2 Tuner Unit

Jason Kit Advert 1965

From the 1960's a kit from the well known kit supplier Jason (These kits were availiable through Home Radio).
I know very little about this unit and do not have a circuit for it.
The Valve lineup is: Tuner ECF80 and ECC81.Chassis EF80 EF89 EF89 EZ80.
It has a rotary tuner and the stations are pre-set AUX HOME LIGHT THIRD BBC ITV. Obviously this is VHF. Initialy it did not work but I discovered the green 1K wire wound resistor was open circuit (Ht Line). This was replaced and it now works (Radio 3 at least does).
The build quality is good and I think that the tuner was pre-built
An original advertisment from Dec 1964 which appeared in Practical Wireless gives the cost of the tuner as £14-0-4 less the valves (the valves would have cost around £5). In old money £sd this was over a weeks pay for a lot of people.

Jason Kit. JTV2 Jason Kit. JTV2. Above Chassis Layout Jason Kit. JTV2. Below Chassis


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