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Henry's Radio. Major 1 and 2 Radios

A 1 and 2 transistor radio kit from 1958 using White Spot (RF) and Red Spot (AF) transistors. The circuits were designed by a staff member of Henry's radio.
The last two photographs show an actual Major 2 built by Henry Harris who has kindly supplied them for the site and provided the following snippet of history.Together with copies of original documentation.

I was given a transistor radio kit for Xmas 1958 or 9.The kit had 2 Ediswan ‘top hat’ transistors, 2 x Plessey red/yellow/black electrolytic condensers, 15v B121 battery, domestic push on/off switch, I think the chassis was a double tag board.
The case was small off-white bakelite and there were of course assorted small resistors etc.
It worked fairly well but the relative positions of the ferrite aerial coil and the nearest choke was very critical. I used the ex GPO headset from my crystal set.
I soon realised that most of the components were the same as the ‘Henry’s Radio’ Major 2. This seemed much better to me in that it had a volume control and an output transformer.
I bought the extra bits piecemeal from Henrys. I still have the radio although it hasn’t worked for years. Unfortunately the remains of the original have long gone – I’d love to know what model it was. My father told me that he bought the kit from a shop in Fleet Street, London near his office. Henry Harris

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Major 1
Major 1 Page 2
Major 2
Component List 1
Circuit Diagram
Compnent List Sheet 2
Major 2. Page 2 Major 2 Case Major 2 Chassis


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