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The Repanco Transeven. A 7 Transistor Portable Radio Kit from 1960

This is the original envelope, drawings and instructions to make this is a 7 Transistor Portable Radio. It was that was designed around their coils and other parts by Repanco.
This is an early transistor radio kit and was priced at 14-10 shillings.
The seven transistors were White Spot RF plus four (4) white spot and two OC72.
It was kindly donated by Les Burnham to whom it was sent in 1960.
Note: The colours are the original ones slightly lightened to aid reading but i've tried not to destroy the shades or remove the creases.Its all original.
Repanco Transeven Repanco Transeven Envelope

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Stage 4 Alignment Notes
Assembly Stage 1 and 2 Assembly Stage 4 Drilling Template
Circuit sheet Part 1 Circuit Sheet Part 2 Parts List


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