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The Radio Exchange Bedford. Roamer 6 Radio

Radio Exchange Bedford Advertisment

A 6 transistor radio kit using 2 white spot,2 blue spot and 2 green spot transistors. The circuit appears to be hand drawn and a bit out of scale.
Note the 3 shortwave coils tucked in at the lefthand side of the circuit. The radio also had long and medium waves.
Thanks to Tony (g4llw) who supplied these drawings.

Roamer 6 Circuit Construction Details Page 1 Construction Details Page 2
Construction Details Page 3

Here is a note from Simon Pearson regarding the Pocket Five also shown in the Radio Exchange advertisment above.
As I remember, this set worked reasonably well, although the sound was rather 'clipped' - this set used a class-A audio amp feeding a 100 ohm-ish speaker. I do remember that Radio Luxembourg came in well without the phase distortion produced by a superhet as the signal faded. The set had a reaction control, and the trawler band was tuned by sliding the ferrite in and out! Unfortunately the set and plans went in the bin long ago after a lot of heavy use!
Who were the 'spot' transistors made by? - maybe someone knows.
Radio Exchange produced a VHF-FM set - the Roamer Ten. As their sets used TRF circuitry, I'm intrigued as to what the FM circuitry was like - I wasn't rich enough to buy one to find out!.
If anyone has data on the Pocket Five.Please let me know. The Roamer 10 is discussed here: Roamer 10 by Richard who won one on Ebay.


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