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Henry's Radio Teletron Superhet Kit

From the November 1956 issue of Radio Constructor. This must be the first (or very nearly) transistor radio kit availiable in the UK. Nearly 50 years old the transistor lineup is Blue Spot TR1,Red Spot TR2,3,4,5,6 or TR 5 and 6 OC72. All the coils and Ferrite aerial are by Teletron.Price of the kit was 6-10 or 9 with push pull o/p or 10 with OC72 transistors.A weeks pay or even more for some people.

Original Advert for the Superhet
Henry's Superhet Page 1 Henry's Superhet. Page 2 Circuit Henry's Superhet Page 3
Henr's Superhet. Page 4


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