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RCS Products (Radio) Ltd. Radiosette & Nurseryette

From 1957 a pair of single transistor plus one diode radios. The actual circuit (Page 2) is the same for each set only the case and layout changes. I suppose it was decided that having nuts and bolts on the outside was a bit of a hazard in the Nursery.
The diode is an OA71 while the transistor is a Red spot AF type. Once again RCS have used the Vari Loopstick Inductance.

Transistor Twins, Radiosette & Nurseryette

Page 1. Radiosette & Nurseryette Page 2. Circuit for Nurseryette & Radiosette Page 3. Radiosette & Nurseryette
Page 4. Radioette & Nurseryette Page 5. Radioette & Nurseryette Radioette & Nurseryette. RCS advert


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