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Component Suppliers

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Links cleaned 16-5-2007

  • 1960 Radio Shop
  • 6v6 Components, Circuits and Kits
  • Bowood Electronics, Modern Components
  • Chelmer Valves, Valves and Semiconductors
  • Chevet Books.News Letter which includes Vintage components and valves
  • Chronos Ltd, BA Screws/Nuts and Washers. Sheet metal
  • Cricklewood Electronics. Modern Components
  • Colomar, Valves and Components.
  • CR Supply. Components
  • Crowthorne Tubes, Valves and Components
  • Dial Electronics, Vintage Transistors and Diodes
  • Early Wireless, Valves/Xtals
  • Grandata. Components
  • Greenweld Components
  • JAB Electronic Components for Radio Hams. Stockist of TOKO chokes and coils
  • J A Crew, Modern Components plus Mechanical
  • J Birkett of Lincoln, Components/Test Equipment
  • Jackson Brothers. Variable Capacitors and Drives.
  • Lawsons HIS. Q MAX metal hole cutters for valveholders etc.
  • Langrex. Supplier of valves,semiconductors,valve bases.
  • MJComponents. Components.
  • Malcolm Bennet, Valve and Circuit Sales
  • Mikes Vintage Radio Shack, Spares
  • Musonic. Styli and Record Player Spares
  • Nu Screw and Nut Company.
  • N R Bardwell, Components
  • Partridge Electronics, Components
  • Past Times Radio, Bulbs/Capacitors etc
  • PW Electronics. Surplus Components
  • Rapid Electronics. Modern Components
  • Radio Vintage Supplies,Valves
  • RS Components
  • RSH Electronics. Modern Components
  • Small Battery Company. Stocks PP9,PP7,PP6,PP4,PP3 and other obsolete battery types.
  • Sowter Transformers, Transformers for Vintage equipment
  • Squires Tools. Tools,Components and Cabinet Restoration. An excellent large catalogue.
  • Tube Distinctions
  • Valve and Tube Supplies, Valves
  • Variable Voltage Technology, Transformers/Chokes
  • Vintage Valved Wireless, Vintage Spares
  • Walford Electronics. Radio and Test Equipment Kits
  • Watford Valves,Valves and Components
  • Wilsons Valves, On Line Valve Catalogue
  • Wires and Co, Double Cotton Covered and other wire

    Component Suppliers around the world


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