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Advertisements from 1962 and 1963 for Radio Kits and other Electronic Equipment

The following advertisements appeared in 1962 and 1963. They mostly sell Transistor kits although a few Valve radio kits are still being offered. Most of these firms have long since ceased trading as the hobby started declining in the mid 1960's and demand for kits and components dried to a trickle.
So enjoy reading these advertisements for radio kits we can only dream of now and the many happy children and adults spent making and listening to these radios.
There is a section on the site devoted to circuits and instructions on Radio Kits. Some of these kits are featured in these advertisements. Follow this link to the Vintage Kit page   Vintage Radio Kits
If you have any pictures/drawings or stories about building kits please share them with us.

Concord Electronics
Proops Bros
Electronic Precision
Equipment Ltd
Stern Radio
Lasky's Radio
Clyne Radio Ltd 1962
Electronic Precision Equipment
Ltd & Premier Radio
Relda Radio
Harris Electronics London Ltd
Minisets Ltd &
Chas H Young Ltd
RCS Products (Radio)
Ltd & Osmor
Henry's Radio Ltd
Premier Radio
Premier Radio
Harverson Surplus Co
Harverson Surplus Co
Avo Ltd
Radio & Tv Components
Radio & Tv Components
1962. Page of small advertisments
1962. Page of small advertisments
Musette and Elegent Seven Kits
Musette and Elegant Seven Kits
Sinclair Micro 6
Sinclair Micro 6 Kit
Concord Electronics
Concord Electronics


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