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Codar price list and equipment information.

Codar Price List
These sheets are from the early 1970's and comprise the Codar price list, a newsletter and information on aerials plus the following products: RQ80 Aerial Tuning Unit (ATU), PR40 Pre Selector, Codar coil pack CP50,Codar Aerial Kit AK20, The transistor version of the Mini Clipper and the Multiband 6 TRF Short Wave Receiver.
With thanks to David Burgess for supplying the information.
Codar Price List Page 1 Codar Price List Page 2
Codar Aerials Codar RQ80 ATU
Codar PR40 Preselector Page 1 Codar PR40 Preselector Page 2
Codar Coilpack CP40 Codar 'New' Mini Clipper
Codar Mulitiband 6 TRF Codar News

Wanted: Pictures and Circuit of the valve Mini Clipper. Can you help?.


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