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The Codar CR45

Codar Advert

From the Codar company in the early 1960's this is a TRF 2 valve (plus rectifier) receiver.
Valves are ECC81 EL84 and EZ80.Bought in there thousands these kits were part of the boom in home construction in the 1960's. The following pages are in two parts. The first 3 are the component layout and circuit diagram. The other 9 are the original build instructions.

I had been trying for a number of years to obtain a CR45 and have now obtained one. The pictures below show the set on arrival. It came complete with its three Denco coils and it does work although it needs attention as the Regen and AF controls are noisy and there is a loud 'click' at times. The case seems to have been repainted in Hammer paint but the finish is not very good.
The front panel and controls are unmarked and clean.
The last three photographs show the chassis less case and also the components under the chassis.
CR45 Front view CR45 with back panel removed CR45 with rear cover in place
CR45 Top view
CR45  showing coil change hatch open
CR45 Chassis CR45 and Coils. CR45 Components under the chassis
Codar CR45. Diagrams
CR45. Component Layout CR45. Component Layout. Upper. CR45. Circuit

CR45 Insructions. Page 1 CR45 Instructions. Page 2 CR45 Instructions. Page 3
CR45 Instructions. Page 4 CR45 Instructions. Page 5 CR45 Instructions. Page 6
CR45 Instructions. Page 7 CR45 Instructions. Page 8 CR45 Instructions. Page 9

The information on the Codar CR45 has been kindly provided by Peter Hampton, (G4ADJ) who still has the CR45 in his shack.

Steve Cooke who built a Mini Clipper writes (see the Codar advert):
I lived near Hartland Point then, and I can remember listening to ships on it, and heard the Stan Woolaway reporting that its cargo had come loose in a storm, and had shifted causing it to list. Another time I listened to ships sheltering in the lee of Lundy during a bad storm. The Clipper was the second radio I built. The first was a transistor 'regen' from Henry's of Tottenham Court. Rd. I used to listen to Radio Luxemburg under the bed covers at boarding school. Snag was that it was unstable, and would often burst into ear-piercing oscillation that could be heard all over the dorm, and get me into trouble. The other snag was its particularly evil headphone. Just one earpiece, but it was the two steel bands around the head that were a bugger. They would unknowingly trap some hairs in that tender spot above the ear, and when you took them off - ouch!


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