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The Heathkit Mohican GC1A

Mohican Manual In the mid 1960's the Heathkit Mohican was one of the radios I would have liked to have owned. But alas money was a minor problem and the lack of it prevented me from buying one.
Recently at an auction I can across one and managed to win it.
This is the one I acquired.
This is what its supposed to look like. However mine is minus the telescopic aerial. Heathkit Mohican
The front panel of my set. Complete and no serious damage. The Mohican front panel
Mohican Top Chassis Top view of the chassis showing the IF's and audio output board on the left. Transistors are OC45's,OC81D and OC81's. All are original and of Mullard manufacture.
The black box behind the 3 gang tuning capacitor is the battery container. It holds 6 batteries of 1.5volts each. Total supply 9 volts.
The coil compartment showing the Mixer and Oscillator sections. The transistors are AF115 and Mullard OC171. Mohican Under Chassis

Overall condition

When power was first applied I fully expected it not to work. My expectations were fulfilled. It didnt!.
On checking the output stage was live so the RF section was checked. There was evidence that the IF cores had been tampered with.
The switches for AVC and the Analogue limiter were cleaned. Applying pressure to the AVC switch brought signs of life but intermitent in nature.
So the slider switch was opened and it was discovered that the fiber back was bowed and the terminals very discoloured, after cleaning all bands worked but weakly and all the controls were noisey.
The S meter pointer was noticed to be sitting at the bottom of the meter. A quick recalibration if the IF's brought the set to life.
The bandspread had been restrung and stops working halfway across its travel and the volume control has been replaced at some time with one of the wrong value..

Steve (G6AUD) contacted me in early December with the offer of another Mohican which had been in storage for some time and had a number of dud transistors.
As a result my Mohican is now fully servicable and has been realigned.
Next will be to construct an internal supply for it.
Partly Refurbished GC1A  Mohican

Circuit for the Mohican (GC 1A)

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Bandspread and Main Tuning Drives. Tuning Cord Fitting

Main Bandspread

Mohican IF and Front End Alignment

IF Alignment Band A Alignment Alignment Bands B & C
Alignment Band D Alignment Band E and BFO


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