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Pye Communications Receiver PCR 2

PCR 2 Receiver PCR 2 Chassis
PCR 2 Underchassis PCR 2 Valve Lable
PCR 2 Missing Connector

A ground based receiver made by Pye.In quite good condition but a little dirty. Some of the wax capacitors are starting to lose their coating, however it is complete except for the supply connector which is missing (Bottom picture). The set uses an external power supply for the LT 12v and HT 265v.
An interesting item is the label attached to the valve which reads: 34 Base Workshops REME Inspected July 1953 Serviceable.
Three models were made starting with the PCR 1 which had a built in loudspeaker. Then the PCR 2 and lastly the PCR 3 both of which had no internal speaker, the PCR 3 also had two shortwave bands rather than the Long,Medium and one shortwave band of the PCR 1 & 2.
For the circuit diagram/components and alignment instructions for all 3 models use this link which will download a PDF document containing all the drawings   PCR Receiver Drawings.

Mods to the PCR

A couple of modifications to the PCR.
Improving Selectivity and a simple BFO.
PCR Modification PCR Modification Page 2


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