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Receiver R1132A

R1132A Front Panel R1132 Top Chassis
R1132A Lower Chassis

I found this receiver waiting to go to into skip. It is a ground receiver 100-125Mhz. With a valve lineup that consists of VR65 VR65 VR53 VR54 VR57 VR67 and VS70.
As can be seen from the above pictures the front panel paint has started peeling which I believe is a spillage of paint stripper or simular.
However the inside is imaculate and shows no signs of any modification or damage.

I understand that this receiver was used for VHF Radio Direction Finding until replaced by the R1392.

Ernie has supplied some info and pictures of the VHF Direction Finding setup as used for the R1392.
The R1392 was crystal controlled and the crystal is mounted on the left of the front panel.
About manning it he says 'Yes we did man that old Bedford lorry 24/7 through out the year. Eighteen year olds were made of sterner stuff in those days. Must have been free school milk and powdered eggs!.

R1392 Front Panel
Mobile D/F Station
Mobile D/F Station from the early early 1950s. On site in RAF Jever, Germany. (for details of RAF Jever try


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