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R1155. Notes on the Radio Constructors Modification.

There is a question mark over the value of the RF section Volume Control. The original was 50K and this circuit shows 20K. 16/12/03

In the Air Ministry document there is shown a 0.5uF (C16) decoupler between pin 4 of the BFO box and chassis. This is missing in the Radio Constructors drawing and is assumed to be a drawing error. 16/12/03

The 75pf trimmer on the anode of the BFO triode goes to earth not the cathode of the valve. The revision 2 cct shows this. 21/12/03

There is a 1600pf (2 x 800pf) connected between the anode and cathode of the BFO triode.21/12/03

These notes will be updated as the rebuild of the radio set continues.


Last updated 7.7.2004

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