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Getting Started in Vintage Radio Repair and Construction

Circuit Wiring

These pages describe the wiring of a valve radio set in the mid 1950's.
from the detector stage (V1) to the output stage. If you have never traced or wired a valve circuit before it explains what the different sections do and the way they are wired.
Plus it gives tips on avoiding problems with hum etc.

All components and values are those current at the time of writing so you will not have problems following the circuit diagram and it will be helpfull for reading other valve circuits for any sets or projects you are working on. For the colour codes of resistors or capacitors follow this link Component Information or use the Information link above.
An Adobe PDF download of these pages is here Wiring PDF Download

Wiring Page 1
Wiring Page 2
Wiring Page 3 Wiring Page 4
Wiring Page 5


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