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Electronic Odds and Sods

This section has come about as a result of being sent or finding articles,Links or single pages which although interesting do not readily fit into other sections of the site or have pages that are damaged.
Now they do!. Their home is in the Odds and Sods section.

Tiny Tim a Transmitter Receiver from 1944.

Tiny Tim Transmitter Receiver

'Recorder' from Radio Constructor Magazine 1970. Gives his predictions for the year 1970.A very funny article.

New Years Resolution  Page 1 New Years Resolution Page 2

'Practically Wireless'by Henry.From Practical Wireless Magazine 1966. Gives an outline of Mean Time between Failure or at least tries to.

Practically Wireless MTBF

'A Radio Constructors 'Workshop Plan' for a Two Valve Shortwave Receiver

Discovery Shortwave Receiver

Dr. Phil's Receiver Designs

Clive Sinclair.Transistor circuits for beginners

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