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A collection of Vintage Radio Constructors Documents

From the early 1930's Practical Wireless provided datasheets with some of the magazine issues (in those days it was a weekly issue). Here are some originals a bit brown with age but worth another look at to see how life was for the Radio Constructor in 1933 when a lot of the components were home made.
  • Datasheet No 4 is all about finding the number of turns on a Mains Transformer
  • Datasheet No 5 is about Wire Gauges, Resistance of Wire and Current Carrying Capacity
  • Datasheet No 6 is about making your own HF and LF Chokes
  • Datasheet No 10 lists valves suitable for Battery Operation and covers 2/4 and 6 volt heaters.
  • Datasheet No 11 lists valves suitable for Mains Operation
  • Datasheet No 15 covers European Broadcasting stations
  • Datasheet No 16 covers more European Broadcasting stations and also the principle Shortwave Stations

Practical Wireless Data Sheet Number 4 Practical Wireless Datasheet Number 5 Practical Wireless datasheet Number 6
Practical Wireless Datasheet Number 10 Practical Wireless Datasheet Number 11 Practical Wireless Datasheet Number 15
Practical Wireless Datasheet Number 16

The following collection are original but retouched 'Blueprints' given out free with Practical Wireless. If you have the circuit for the 'Fury Four' or the Long Range Express' please get in touch.
The final print is of the Wren Eastern Class B receiver and is the build and operating instructions.I have not altered the drawing size for this due to the faintness of print so if you want to print it you will have to resize the drawing.

1934 Station Waveguide Fury Four Part 1 Fury Four Part 2
Long Range Express
Wren Eastern Radio
Many thanks to Phil Baskerville for this collection.


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