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Radio Frequency Coils

Shortwave Coils

Make your own RF Coils

A selection of hand wound coils

From the very start of radio receiver design, coils have formed a basic component of the Radio Set. While many commercial ones are availiable these can be costly or do not cover the range you want.
These pages are taken from old radio books of the 1940's and 1950's. The data is as applicable today as it was when the books were first printed. All you have to do is obtain or make your coil formers and wind away. No matter what the type of radio to be constructed is, from a simple crystal radio or a TRF receiver to a mighty Superhet coils are needed. Some simple and some quite complex however with a bit of time you can make them all.
The coil winding pages give ideas on what was being used in the past and most of the ideas could be used today using modern mechanical and electrical components.
Email if you hit a problem!.

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Coil Calculations. Made easy!.

Standard Wire Gauge to Metric Conversion Table

Coil Size Medium and Longwave

Medium and Longwave Coils

Shortwave Coils

Shortwave Coils Page 1)Shortwave coils Page 2Shortwave coils Page 3Shaortwave coils Page 4

Frequency Conversion Chart

Frequency conversion chart

Make Your own Radio Frequency Coil Winder

Coil  Winder Page 1 Coil Winder Page 2 Coil Winder Page 3
Coil Winder Page 4 Coil Winder Page 5 Coil Winder Page 6 Coil Winder Page 7
Coil Winder Page 8 Coil Winder Page 9

Coil Formers.

Look in the Links section where some of the component suppliers stock coil formers. Or formers can be constructed from plastic waste pipe. More on this subject at a later date.


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