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Home Radio of Mitcham

Valveholders,Screening Cans

Valve Holders. Screening Cans.Valve Retainers and Valve Caps.
Sizes include B8A,B9A,B7G and Internation Octal. Spring Valve retainers and Anode caps.Voltage Adjustment Panels and Fuse Links.
Valve Holders
Valve Caps

Switches for Sale in 1964

From 1964 a selection of switches. Wafer Switches. Maka-Switch kits.Toggle.Miniature Slide Switches.Rotary Toggle.Press and Biased Toggle.Push-Pull and Microswitches.
1964 Switches. Page 1
1964 Switches. Page 2 1964 Switches. Page 3 1964 Switches.Page 4
1964 Switches. Page 5 1964 Switches. Page 6 1964 Switches. Page 7


From 1964 Mains Transformers by Douglas.Electrovoice.Parmeko.Partridge and others.With LT outputs of 6.3 volts etc and HT outputs up to 350-0-350 volts.Modulation Transformers.Output Transformers for the Mullard and GEC Amplifiers and other amplifiers including Push Pull.
Transformers.Page 2 Transformers.Page 3 Transformers.Page 4
Transformers.Page 5 Transformers.Page 6 Transformers.Page 7
Transformers.Page 8 Transformers.Page 9 Transformers.Page 10
Transformers.Page 11 Transformers.Page 12

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