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Radio Constructors Circuit Archive
Misc. Circuits
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In Situ Ohmmeter: Dick & Smithy (In Your Workshop) RCSep1980
Q Meter: M.Tooley PWNov1978
RF Resonance Indicator: D.H.E.King PWNov1977
Transistor Tester: I.Hickman PWJul1976
Bench Power Supply: A.P.Roberts RCApr1976
Simple Wobbulator: D.Andrews PWJan1975
Transformer Ratio Analyser: S.L.Martin RCNov1974
Multimatch Speaker: F.G.Rayer RCFeb1974
Universal LCR Bridge: H.Moorshead PWDec1972
Capacitance Meter:F.Griffiths RCAug1972
Automatic Signal Generator: R.A.Butterworth RCMay1972
Linear Ohmmeter up to 10 Megs: J.N.Watt PWSep1971
Dry Joint Detector: G.A.French RCMay1971
Electrolytic Reformer/Tester: T.W.Bennett RCMay1969
Impedance Convertor: G.W.Short RCApr1969
Variohm Substitution Box: H.T.Kitchen PWSep1968
Low Ohmmeter down to 0.1 Ohm: K.Raymond PEAug1968
Micropower Amp: G.W.Short RCSep1967
Tunnel Diodes: D.Bollen PWNov1966
Pocket Valve Voltmeter 9Volt HT: D.Bollen RCDec1965
DIY Headphones: F.Howard RCDec1965
LCR Bridge: M.Fisher PWDec1965
Dynamic gain transistor tester: D.Bollen RCMay1965
Mullard Audio Circuits MulJan1962
Transistorised GDO: M.R.Lord PWMar1962
DIY Interstage Transformers: D.Saull PWJun1960
Make your own chassis: V.E.Holley PWJun1960