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A short history of Radio Constructor Magazine

Radio Amateur Magazine June 1953 Radio Constructor October 1947 Short Wave News  January 1948

Radio Constructor 100th edition 1955

In November 1955 Radio Constructor Magazine celebrated its 100th edition.
'Center Tap' a contributor for some years gave a brief summery of how the magazine and two others Radio Amateur and Short Wave news first started in 1946 amid the post war austerity and the rationing of paper.

Page 1. Radio Constructor Story Page 2. Radio Constructor Story

The following pages are a sample of the contents of the three magazines in the late 1940's early 1950's.

Radio Amateur Magazine 1952

This magazine was devoted to facts about reception of all bands. It had very few advertisments and no constructional projects.
Note that the cover states 'Incorporating SHORT WAVE NEWS'. This magazine was the first of the series having commenced publication in 1946.

Radio Amateurs Magazine  Contents Page The voice of Denmark DX Countries
Radio Amateur Magazine. Editorial Page Radio Amateur Magazine. Club Notes Radio Amateur Magazine. Club Notes Page 2

Radio Constructor Magazine 1947

The Radio Constructor magazine in 1947 was much leaner than its 1960's version.The October 1947 was the first volume and number 3.So the magazine started around August 1947.
At around 25 pages two thirds of the magazine was devoted to constructional projects while only 3 or 4 pages carried advertisements.
Projects in this edition are a 4 Watt Quality Amplifier. A beginners 1 valver using a PM2HL valve. Both with full instructions including chassis drilling. Finaly on the query pages an AF amplifier for the R1155 set.
Once again advertisements were few so only one page is shown below.

Radio Constructor October 1947

Radio Constructor 1947 Editorial 4 Watt Amplifier. Page 1 4 Watt Amplifier Page 2
4 Watt Amplifier. Page 3 4 Watt Amplifier Page 4 4 Watt Amplifier  Page 5
4 Watt Amplifier Page 6 4 Watt Amplifier Page 7 Beginners 1 valve Receiver. Page 1
Beginners 1 valve receiver.Page 2 Beginners 1 valve receiver. Page 3 Beginners 1 valve receiver. Page 4
Advertisements from 1947 Query Corner 1947 Page 1 Query Corner Page 2. R1155 amplifier.

Short Wave News Magazine 1948

Short Wave Magazine was the second of the publishers post war magazines.
At around 25 pages there were a few projects: a three valve 100 watt transmitter. And a short description of the circuit for a simple 2 valve receiver.
The rest of the magazine consisted of articles on current conditions,DX news and club news.
Once again advertisements were few so only a couple of pages are shown below.

Short Wave News 1948

Short Wave News Editorial QRP Club The sun and radio. Page 1
The sun and radio Page 2 My favorite receiver. A two valve circuit. Advertisement Page 1. 1947
Advertisement Page 2. 1947 Index to Volume 2. 1946


The main people involved in the startup of the three magazines were
Arthur C Gee G2UK
W Norman Stevens G3AKA
C W C Overland G2ATV who became editor in the 1950's
J R Davis who wrote the "In your Workshop" until the mid 1950's.

J R Davies died on 7th February 1981 aged 57 and Arthur C Gee G2UK died on the 19th May 1997. Note: Arthur Gee was a doctor and Chief Medical Officer for Suffolk at one time.

The End September 1981

The Last Radio Constructor Magazine  September 1981


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