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Transistor Projects for the Radio Constructor from the Early 1970's

From Practical Wireless magazine in the early 1970's these are a collection of various transistor projects. In most cases it is still possible to build these circuits although you may have to wind your own coils etc.
This is page 2. With thanks to Steve Payne who sent me this collection of circuits.

All articles are © Practical Wireless Magazine and are reproduced by kind permission of the editor.

General Coverage Receiver

General Coverage  Receiver 1 General Coverage  Receiver 2 General Coverage  Receiver 3
General Coverage  Receiver 4 General Coverage  Receiver 5 General Coverage  Receiver 6
General Coverage  Receiver 7

IC + 2 Receiver

IC + 2 Receiver. P1 IC + 2 Receiver. P2 IC + 2 Receiver. P3
IC + 2 Receiver. P4 IC + 2 Receiver. P5

Imp 3 Band Receiver

Imp  3 band Receiver. P1 Imp  3 band Receiver. P2 Imp  3 band Receiver. P3
Imp  3 band Receiver. P4 Imp  3 band Receiver. P5 Imp  3 band Receiver. P6
Imp  3 band Receiver. P7

Low Frequency & Marine Receiver

Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P1 Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P2 Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P3
Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P4 Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P5 Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P6
Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P7 Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P8 Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P9
Low Frequency & Marine Receiver. P10

Mighty Midget Receiver

Mighty Midget Receiver. Page 1 Mighty Midget Receiver. Page 2 Mighty Midget Receiver. Page 3
Mighty Midget Receiver. Page 4

Mini Com Receiver

Mini Com Receiver. Page 1 Mini Com Receiver. Page 2 Mini Com Receiver. Page 3
Mini Com Receiver. Page 4 Mini Com Receiver. Page 5 Mini Com Receiver. Page 6

Mini Pop Receiver

Mini Pop Receiver. Page 1 Mini Pop Receiver. Page 2 Mini Pop Receiver. Page 3

Personal TRF Receiver

Personal TRF Receiver

Radio Gram

Radio Gram

Shortwave Converter

Shortwave Converter. Page 1 Shortwave Converter. Page 2 Shortwave Converter. Page 3

Shortwave Receiver

Shortwave Receiver. Page 1 Shortwave Receiver. Page 2

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