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Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) to Metric

Copper Wire

Some of the coil winding charts on this site ask for 'so many turns of xx SWG wire'.
So here is the conversion chart to enable you to obtain
the correct metric wire size for the common Standard Wire Gauges.

46 SWG 0.060mm
44 SWG 0.080mm
42 SWG 0.1mm
40 SWG 0.125mm
38 SWG 0.150mm
36 SWG 0.2mm
34 SWG 0.236mm
32 SWG 0.280mm
30 SWG 0.315mm
28 SWG 0.375mm
26 SWG 0.450mm
24 SWG 0.568mm
22 SWG 0.710mm
20 SWG 0.900..
18 SWG 1.250mm
16 SWG 1.6mm
14 SWG 2mm


Last updated 8.7.2004
2003-2004 © Maurice Woodhead