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Valve Radios

Another page of Mains and Battery Valve Sets in my collection that are currently waiting to be worked on, or are waiting parts.

Bush DAC 70

The Bush DAC 70 on its arrival with no obvious case damage. On a first look inside years of grime and fluff covered everything. A good sign at least no one had been in it recently. Valves:UCH81 UF89 UBC81 UL84 UY85.
A review of the repair appears in 'My Workshop'.

Pye Cambridge P43U

Pye Cambridge
As received. The cabinet is good. The only thing missing are the valves. Restoration is waiting for a complete set of valves. Valves: UCH42 UBF80 UL41 UY41. March 1951. Price 12-2-6

Strad from 1947

This is all I have. No case and only one valve. but the chassis is in resonable condition and is complete. Even the tuning dial is good.

VHF only Murphy U512

VHF Murphy U512
Late 50's Murphy. Cabinet needs revarnishing and it has very a distorted output.Valves 10L14 10F18 10F18 10D2 10PL12 U381.

Cossor Melody Minor 565

Cossor Melody Maker
Rescued from a garage. It is complete apart from the 'gold' fillings for the knobs.

Pilot Little Maestro T105

Pilot Little Maestro
Non Working on arrival. Tuning Capacitor seized. Capacitors leaking. Cabinet and dial very good. Valve lineup: UCH81, UBF80, UCL83, UY85.

Radio Rentals / Baird Model 232.

Radio Rentals
As received. The cabinet is very good. . A lot of mains hum when powered for the first time. Obtained at a local auction.


1951. Looks better in the photo than it does in real life. No valves or back otherwise complete. Valves 12K8GT 12K7GT 12Q7GT 35L6GT 35Z4GT.

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Last updated 17.9.2007

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