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Valve Radios

More Mains and Battery Valve Sets in my collection. Some are waiting to be worked on, or are waiting parts.

Champion 851

Champion 851/3
The Champion 851 is a 3 short superhet valve set. Valve Lineup UCH81 UCL83 UY85. The cabinet is in good condition but chassis has been 'repaired' using modern components. Most of the components replaced are the wrong value or wired wrongly. Internal wiring has been damaged. This set need rewiring and most of the underchasis components replacing

Ultra 50

Ultra 50
1937. The cabinet has been varnished and on the right hand side water damage has seperated the veneer from the cabinet. Valves: AC/VP1 AC/TH1 AC/VP1 AC/Pen/DD UU3. Components and wiring has been changed on the chassis, mostly the wrong types. Needs rebuilding and the cabinet stripping and repairing.

Ever Ready Model H

Ever Ready Model H
LW and MW. Valves DF91 DL92. TRF local receiver. Metal Case

Lotus SGP Receiver

Lotus Radio
Produced between 1929 and 1931 this is a three valve battery TRF receiver.

Many thanks to Mark for identifying this set (he has a mains version).
Inside the Lotus Radio More details of the set will appear here shortly as I have just acquired a loudspeaker for use with the receiver.

OSRAM 'Music Magnet'

Music Magnet
The Osram 'Music Magnet' from 1928. Osram was a GEC company and produced a kit of parts (including the cabinet to build this radio. It is a 3 valve set and 3 different types of OSRAM valves may be used depending on the screen grid voltage (2,4 or 6volt). the price in 1926 was 6-5-9 plus the valves which range from 10/6 pence to 22/6 pence each. The set came complete with the large instruction leaflet. Music Magnet
This is the original leaflet. Not exactly a good size for copying. But its in very good condition and has the complete build instructions. Music Magnet Plan Download an Adobe PDF copy of the circuit diagram for the 1929 Music Magnet Receiver here

Many thanks to Richard for cleaning up the copy.

Pye 75B

Pye 75B A Pye 75B rescued from an attic. Released for sale in June 1946
Pye 75B. Top view Top view of the cabinet. Note the tuning scale is facing the rear of the set. Another problem is woodworm in the cabinet.
Pye 75B. Rear view Valve line up. DL35,DAC32,DF33 and DK32. Note the output transformer is resting on the speaker magnet. The speaker was found out of the set and is damaged beyond repair. The picture on the left shows the speaker removed. Pye 75B. Loud Speaker removed.
Pye 75B. Identity Label

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