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Valve Radios

Mains and Battery Valve Sets in my collection. Some are waiting to be worked on, or are waiting parts.

Jewel Radio

Jewel Radio
A limited production radio from the late 1950's. Mains powered but uses a vibrator pack. Unusual circuit design is the main feature of this set.

Ever Ready Sky Baronet

Ever Ready Sky Baronet
1959. Virtually the end of the valve portable. Valves DK96 DF96 DAF96 DL96. In good condition for its age. The handle is cracked and the fittings are rusty but otherwise it is fine.

Marconiphone T24DAB

Marconiphone T24DAB
1950 Valves X18, W17, ZD17, N18 and metal rectifier. Case is in good condition.

Ever Ready Type C/A

Ever Read Type C
1950 The later version with the B7G valves. Case dirty but will clean ok. Valves DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL92.

Vidor CN426 Henley

Vidor CN426
June 1954. Valves DK92 DF91 DAF91 DL94.

Quite good condition. I like the colour of the knobs. Most unusual.

HMV 1121

HMV 1121
From 1950 the HMV 1121 has an unusual tuning scale. Four louvered strips of glass (One for each of the wavebands covered) with the loudspeaker mounted behind. Valve line up X78 W77 DH77 KT61 U10. The case is in excellent condition however the tuning mechanism is jammed.
HMV 1121 Chassis HMV Radio Logo

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Last updated 10.3.2005

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