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Valve Radios

Mains and Battery Valve Radio's and related Items.

Ever Ready 5214

Ever Ready 5214
From June 1939 an Ever Ready battery portable set.Medium and Longwave.Valve lineup DK1 DF1 DAC1 DL2.
Ever Ready 5214 Chassis Ever Ready 5214 Rear
Untouched for many years. Note the valves are in very good condition externally. Some of the rubber covered wire is starting to disintegrate.

Murphy A122

Murphy A122
From 1947 this Murphy A122 is in fair condition externally. Internally it is untouched.Valve lineup TH41 VP41 HL44DD PEN45 UU6
Murphy A122 Rear View of the rear of the set.Looks original with no sign of repair of valve replacement.

Philips 3G75U

Philips 3G75U
Philips B3G75U Chassis Another gift from David at work. A 1958 MW,LW,VHF Philips. Valve lineup UF80 (x2)UCH81,UF89,UABC80,UL84,UY85. In very good condition for its age.

Bakelite Extension Speaker

Bakelte Extension Speaker
Rear ot the Unit Ok so its not a Radio. But it can connect to one. A rather nice find this. It works as well.Needs a good clean and a bit of rust treatment.
Baby Bafflette Speaker Cabinet
Another Extension Speaker Cabinet. This one is made of wood and has a volume control at the rear. It was made in Yorkshire.

Ekco Power Unit

Ecko Power Unit Top ViewEcko Power Unit Rear chassis
Ecko Power Unit. Internal
Ecko Power Unit Top View
This is an Ekco Power Supply unit for radio's.
It is believed to date from around 1932.
It has had a switch change and the mains cable taped up recently.Rather surprisingly when powered it worked, dc voltages were availiable from the output sockets and no sign of overheating.
More on this unit later.

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Last updated 3.9.2006

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