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Valve Radios

Mains and Battery Valve Sets in my collection. Some are waiting to be worked on, or are waiting parts.

Etronic EPZ 4213

Etronic 4123
From 1951 an an unusual set from a little known manufacturer. The serial number of this set is 00424.Its a mains/battery portable set.Medium and Longwave.Valve lineup DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL92. The two tone cabinet is in super condition and only needs a clean and polish. The following pictures show the layout of the set with the case sliding down over the unusual chassis layout. It has one knob missing and is complete with 50 years of spiders webs.
This is where the battery goes. Front of the chassis
One side of the chassis complete with dropper resistor. The side side of the chassis.

Mullard MBS6

Mullard MBS 6
From 1946 this Mullard MBS 6 is an AC mains set. The case is in good condition. Internally it is complete.Valve lineup VP2B PH2HL VP2B 2D2 PM22D.
Mullard MBS 6 Rear view View of the rear of the set.Note the double chassis.

Pilot Blue Peter

Pilot Blue Peter
Pilot Blue Peter Rear Dont have a lot of information on this one as I have just acquired it. The case needs stripping and refinishing. The chassis is grubby and needs a clean plus the back is missing. However it works fine and with a 6V6 as the output plenty of volume. Valve lineup 6K8 6K7 6Q7 6V6 6X5.

KB Rhapsody De Lux
KB Rhapsody. 1956

KB Rhapsody De Lux Chassis Considering this was made in the mid 1950's the styling way ahead of its time. A 4 valve   (96 Series) battery/mains portable. Have had this set a while looking for a tuning knob and one turned up earlier this year thanks to a contact made through Ebay.
Note the black Hunts capacitors and the compact chassis. Hope to start refurbishing it soon.
The same name and style was used for a transistor version a few years later.

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Last updated 6.7.2004

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