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Valve Radios

Mains and Battery Valve Sets in my collection. Some are waiting to be worked on, or are waiting parts.

(Kolster Brandes) KB Pup

Kolster Brandes PUP
From 1930 an economy set from a Kolster Brandes. The cabinet is in excellent condition and includes all stickers. Finished in a dark Oak veneer.
Its a Battery portable set.Medium and Longwave.Valve lineup HL2 and PM2A. The two knobs on the top are bronze (maybe) and control Tuning and Reaction with a flat swich spindle for the wavechange.
The loudspeaker is a paper cone and the small knob in the centre of the front panel is supposed to act as a volume control.
From the rear view it can be seen that the chassis is paxolin and is mounted right at the top with plenty of room for the batteries which include of course a grid bias supply.
The valves have been tested and are ok so the set is waiting to be checked out and powered up.
Note the large holes at the top in line with the valves.
Pup Chassis
The chassis is a long way up.

Amplion ADP1

Amplion ADP1
From 1948 this Amplion ADP1 is a battery powered set. The case is in quite good condition with the usual knocks for a 50 plus year old radio. Internally it is complete.Valve lineup 1A7GT 1N5GT 1H5GT 3Q5GT.
It shows signs of repair in the past, the loudspeaker is a 5 watt made in Tiawan version.
Rear view including aerial winding
View of the rear of the set showing the aerial windings.
ADP1 Chassis The upper chassisWith the chassis exposed.
The components This image shows the work that had been done to the set at various times before I bought it. Note the large grey RS Components capacitor and the mix of Mustard (Mullard) and bright Orange decoupling capacitors.
The set works quite well on Medium Wave but there is no Longwave.

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Last updated 3.11.2004

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