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Valve Radios

Mains and Battery Valve Sets in my collection. Some are waiting to be worked on, or are waiting parts. A few I no longer have while some are beyond repair and used for spares.

Vidor CN420 Regatta

Vidor CN420 Vidor CN420 Chassis
From 1952. Valve lineup is DK91, DF91, DAF91, DL94. This is a Battery portable set.Medium and Longwave.
The set is in reasonable condition although the wave change switch is broken.

Vidor CN430 Lady Anne

Vidor CN430
Vidor CN430 chassis
From 1955. Valve lineup is DK96, DF96, DAF96, DL96. This is a Battery portable set.Medium and Longwave.
The set also has an AC power unit built in.

Amplion Valve Portable

Amplion Portable
Amplion Portable Chassis
This is an Amplion Valve Portable. The year is unknown but it looks late 1950's. Long and Medium wavebands. The valve lineup is DK96, DF96, DAF96, DL96. I have no data on this set but it is a standard battery 4 valver in layout. With no additional features.

Bush DAC10. Export Version EU23

Bush DAC10
Bush DAC10 Chassis
This set dates from 1950 and has a valve lineup of UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41. UY41. This is an interesting set that is not a normal DAC 10 but the export version. The push buttons switch between a medium wave band and 3 shortwave bands (Instead of being presets for Long and 3 medium wave stations). The other difference is that it has a 2 pin plug for the mains input.This set was found while helping to clear out a lockup in Sussex.

Calypso 62015

Calypso 62015
This attractive 1950's set was made in Poland. It has Long/Medium/Short and VHF wavebands. In excellent condition I have not opened it yet so do not know the valve lineup.

Grundig 97WE1

Grundig 97
Grundig 97. Chassis
Grundig 97. Under chassis
This German Grundig has a valve lineup of ECC85 ECH81 EF89 EABC80 EL84 EM84. It dates from 1958 and has MW and Two SW wavebands. It only required minor effort to get this set working again.
One task was to free the jammed variable capacitor,the bearings were dry and it had seized.

Ferguson 450

Ferguson 450Ferguson 450 Chassis
A rather knocked about Ferguson 450. Found in Sussex in this condition. Minus its Valves and Tuning capacitor. I thought it was worth saving due to the cabinet and the condition of the chassis paint.

Ekco 1950 Car Radio

Ecko Car Radio ChassisEcko Car Radio Front
Ecko Under Chassis
From 1950 this is an Ekco car radio. Valves are ECH21 EF22 EF22 EBL2 EZ41.It was designed for a 6v Dc supply and the silver cylinder is the vibrator. The large silver oblong box is the transformer.It had 6 switched stations 1 Long and 5 Medium wave.The front of the radio has not survived.

Marconiphone P17B

Marconiphone P17B
From 1947 and using the Marconi 17 series of valves, this is a four valve Personal Portable. Valves X17 W17 ZD17 and N17. Internally in exceptional condition with all original components.
Not powered yet.
P17B  Internal rear view
P17B Topview
P17B  Rear Chassis
G Marconi. Post War Badge

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