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Valve Radios

Mains and Battery Valve Sets in my collection. Some are waiting to be worked on, or are waiting parts. A few I no longer have while some are beyond repair and used for spares.

Murphy A242

Murphy A242Murphy A242 Chassis
From 1955. The first Murphy set to have VHF. Valve lineup is 6L34 EC92 6C9 6M2 6LD3 6P1 and UU9. As can be seen from the external picture it had gained some grey knobs which will need replacing.
Internal inspection revealed that the speaker cone had been shredded but no other evidence of disturbance or repair.

KB Nocturne

KB NocturneKB Nocturne Chassis
From the late 1950's a Kolster Brandes 'Nocturne'. Valve lineup is 6BE6 6BJ6 12AT6 EL90 EZ80. This set was produced almost at the end of valve radio production. It has a printed circuit board and is quite slim in design. Shows some signs of repair and the valves are of mixed origin.

Pye PB

Pye PB
Pye PB Internal View. Note the mass of batteries and wiring
From the late 1930's this Pye is in a mess. Note the badly rusted chassis and the remains of a Gardners battery eliminator.
No valves are fitted and this set requires a serious amount of restoration.
Gardners Battery EliminatorBattery Eliminator Internal view
The Gardners Battery eliminator requires as much restoration as the receiver..

Ormond Loudspeaker

Ormond Loudspeaker
Ormond Loudspeaker Rear
From the late 1920's. This is a fine example of an Oak Veneered Rising Sun cabinet.

Pye P131MBQ

Pye P131MBQ
Pye P131MBQ Internal
From 1955. This is a fine example of a Pye Mains/Battery portable. Valve Lineup is DL96 DAF96 DK96 DL96.

Bush BAC31

Bush BAC31
Bush BAC31 Chassis and Type 42 Power Supply
From 1953. This is a good example of a post war Bush Mains/Battery portable. Valve Lineup is DK92 DF91DAF91 DL94 and in the power supply EZ42.The lower of the two chassis is the Type 42 power supply.

Stella ST105U

ST105U Chassis
From 1952/53. Valve lineup is UCH42 UF41 UBC41 UL41 UY41. This set has been saved after years awaiting scrapping. Further details appear in the Workshop section.

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Last updated 24.8.2006

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