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Champion 861 MINI-ETTE

Champion 851 As received. Case is in good condition with no cracks or damage. Valve Line up UCH81 UCL83 UY85.

Circuit for the Champion 851
Circuit diagram for the set. A short superhet with regenerative feedback.

Chassis Underside Although the case is in good condition the insides have been attacked by the phanton bodger. Most soldered joints seem to have been remade using a blow torch. In addition some components have been replaced with low power modern types or extra components have been added.
Front of Chassis
Rear of Chassis
Chassis Top Spot the Hazard

Thats as far as restoration has got. Waiting for some components and then stripping of the chassis will start. Want to see the valve data then go to  Valves


Last updated 3.8.2004

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