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Ever Ready C/E

Ever Ready C/E As received. Apart from a few scratches and minor cracks it is in good condition. However the tuning cord is off its pulley. Valve Line up DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL92.
C/E Dial On the Left the tuning scale and plates for volume and wavechange. On the Right a top down view of the frame aerial and the upper chassis. C/E Chassis and Frame aerial
C/E Under chassis The underside of the chassis. C1,C13,C19 and C20 (wax capacitors) have been replaced. The tuning pully has been realigned to stop the cord coming off.
V1 DK91 was discovered to be a DK 92 so correct valve fitted.
On powering up no control over the volume was availiable. On checking the volume control one of the lugs rivets had snapped off. As there was no way of refitting the rivet a new volume control was fitted (47K).
Control of AF now ok but set crackles. Fault traced to a dry joint on the shielded cable to R8/C18 (this feeds the AF to the DAF 91).
The radio now works and is awaiting the cabinet to be restored.
Note: There is a circuit for the set in the Portable Radio Index.


Last updated 21.5.2006

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