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Lissen 8168

Lissen 8168 Stripped down in order to see what needs doing to it. The following pictures show details of the inside of the radio. (Note: Click on the images to get a full size picture).
Frame Aerial The Frame Aerial. Probably untouched since the day it was built.
Under Chassis view The silver cover in the center of the picture is for the tuning capacitor. On the righthand side the cam system is visable.
The Left Hand side of the chassis The left hand side of the chassis. One of the capacitors is losing its label. But apart from the wiring insulation cracking everything else seems in order.
Right Hand side of the chassis The Right Hand side of the chassis, once again the wiring insulation is breaking down.
The Cam system The cam system. Very little wear on the cams themselves.
The wiring and case are a long job so I have left it until time is availiable one winter. The circuit for the Lissen 8168
The general state of the chassis and its components is good. No sign of repair or modification. And it does not seem to have had much use in the past 60 odd years.
It is a pity that someone decided to paint the case in black gloss paint. But thats the way it goes!.


Last updated 21.5.2006

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