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A 1947 Murphy A122

Murphy A122 The Murphy A122 as received. Complete and no serious damage.
Valve lineup is TH41 VP41 HL41DD PEN45 UU6.
Murpy A122 chassis View of the chassis top after removal from the cabinet. Everything is in place and no signs of any repair. Note the dial cord for the pointer is free at the front of the chassis and the wires on the front righthand side are for the waveband indicators.
Murphy A122 Under chassis view Under the chassis. Clean and undisturbed but there are problems as the next picture shows.
A122 Capacitor Leaking The electrolytic capacitor just above the tone pot is showing signs of leaking. And the wiring to the tone control (which is rubber) has hardened and is cracking..
Murphy A122. The lefthand side of the chassis On investigation of the wiring it has been found that most of the rubber covered wire is hard and brittle. It will all require replacing.
Due to the state of the cable and capacitors the set has not been powered.
A122 Cabinet after refurbishment The cabinet after stripping and repolishing by John Tyler. A superb job, compare it with the very first picture. Years of grime and polish have been removed.
Details of the wiring replacement and chassis work will appear here as it progresses.


Last updated 21.5.2006

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